I was born on an Autumn night in the North of Iran by the Caspian sea.


I graduated with a 1st class (B.A.) degree in Puppetry Theatre from the Division of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, followed by a 1st class (M.A.) degree in Drama & Literature.
I have worked in Iran as a theatre director, playwright, puppet maker, and stage designer, details of which can be found below.
For the past 15 years I have focused on working with paper clay; trying to alleviate anxiety, stress and homesickness by sculpting clay women who carry my feelings and emotions.
I have also been the producer and panelist in the talk show "SamteNo" for Manoto TV. for the last 6 years, For the past two years I have been contacted by Iranian women, hearing their stories of struggle, and attempting to translate this into visual art using clay and vintage lace.